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Welcome to Phantom Quests!

Norman Nordster - a former military man, now a blind veteran whose house you have to rob. There is huge cash of $300 000 in his house. You have got an hour and then the alarm goes off at the nearest police station.

To rob a blind man is easy-peasy. The main thing is NOT to make noise and move very quickly, otherwise it will be very, very painful ...


Good Luck!



Categories: Перфоманс


Ünvan: Həsən Bəy Zərdabi 74 (Qələbə Dairəsinin Yaxınlığı). “Tri Korona” Kompleksi sırasında Azpetrolun yanındakı bina. Giriş “AS Avto”-nun sol-aşağı tərəfindəndir.

From 2 to 5 people
can take part in quest

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