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The Red Keep is the heart of the Seven Kingdoms. Its’ halls are shrouded with terrible legends and bloody whispers, but no matter how terrible the castle is, nothing could be compared to the terrible deeds and doings its inhabitants do for the sake of power: intrigues, betrayals, poisoning and brutal murders ...

As a result of the uncompromising clash of several fractions the legitimate heirs of the realm were cut off from the Iron Throne by seven heavy locks by the will of the mad Usurper. Only by solving ingenious puzzles, and using all their wit young heirs can regain the power given by the birthright and prove that they are worthy to sit on the throne.

And always remember: «When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. There is no middle ground».


Ünvan: Həsən Bəy Zərdabi 74 (Qələbə Dairəsinin Yaxınlığı). “Tri Korona” Kompleksi sırasında Azpetrolun yanındakı bina. Giriş “AS Avto”-nun sol-aşağı tərəfindəndir.

From 2 to 5 people
can take part in quest

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Monday - Thursday
Friday - Sunday

2-person team

40 circle
40 circle

3/5-person team

70 circle
90 circle

Attention! The prices for quests on holidays and non-working days are calculated in the same way as on weekends.
Attention! Same day reservation for the late hours is only possible till 23:00

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