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Brave Peter after he had helped the people of Narnia to defeat the White Witch, was proclaimed as Peter (the Magnificent), the supreme king in Ker Paraval. And he reigned in a fairytale state with his sisters and brother for 15 years. But now clouds are hanging over Peter, and he has lost the throne. Narnia is indignant, unrests and robbery began...

Returning power to the legitimate king can only be done in a team; You have to solve many puzzles and defeat the villains.

The most important thing is not to be afraid, because in Narnia the good always triumphs over the evil!

Quest cost:
Eco pack - 16 AZN
Included: quest zone, counselor services, actors, photo report

Standard pack - 18 AZN
Included: comfortable transport, quest zone, counselor services,
actors, photo report, entertainment in transport

* Cost for adults - 5 AZN (transport and tea included); one group
leader for free
ATTENTION: for registration or for more information contact the
numbers +994502824599, +994124804108


Ünvan: Həsən Bəy Zərdabi 74 (Qələbə Dairəsinin Yaxınlığı). “Tri Korona” Kompleksi sırasında Azpetrolun yanındakı bina. Giriş “AS Avto”-nun sol-aşağı tərəfindəndir.

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